Monday 1st August 2016

The view from the study
This is the rather fabulous view from our study – although NOT today! Today it is raining, quite heavily and quite relentlessly! The sheep, goats and alpacas are not, as this photo shows (they are the specks in the distance), happily grazing in the sunshine and enjoying the fact they have SIX times the space they had back in Minions.
Relaxed at Home
However, for the past eleven days (we moved on 20th July) that is exactly what they (and us, and the poultry) have been doing. Our move from one acre to ten acres (a 6-acre and a 4-acre field), all with better grass and views to die for, is still a little hard to believe is real! We now have so many plans including: buying more animals (of course) including Dexter cows, getting a quad bike, creating an outdoor veg plot, planting trees, keeping bees, building pole barns, digging out a pond...
And actually the rain is not that big a deal: the goats have a dry stall and hay in the front of the barn; the poultry have an enormous straw covered stable and the sheep and alpacas have shelter under the hedges although - because they don't actually mind the rain - they tend to carry on munching!!!
As for us, well we have had to reluctantly head back to the house to do some of our ‘inside’ jobs - which at the moment means unpacking just a few more of those many, many boxes!!