Wednesday 3rd August 2016

'Farm' walk
The lovely Rachel and Ruth from Market Vets came out today for a ‘farm’ walk! Essentially this was a complimentary visit (as we are a new client) to enable them to see our land, animals and offer any initial advice. It was a wonderfully windy afternoon but dry (a big ‘phew’ after the rain of the last two days) and we were delighted to get a general thumbs-up on the health and well-being of the animals as well as approval for our plans over the next year or so regarding autumn/ winter management and spring breeding. It felt great to know that unlike the smallholding at Lamorna, we are not overstocked (quite the reverse) and to discuss things such as our worming protocols knowing that the amount of available grazing, is NOT going to be an contributory factor towards any problems. It is oh, SUCH a joy here, NOT to have to pick up poo each day.
Relaxed At Home
Rachel agreed that splitting the 6-acre field into 2 is probably a good idea as it then gives us 3 fields and the chance to rotate as well as manage the different species in their own areas if needs be. This plan also means 3 field shelters/pole barns and the aim is to get all this done by the autumn/winter!!