Monday 29th August 2016

More poultry shenanigans
Victoria obviously spent the night on her eggs as they were warm first thing when we opened up the poultry stall but, an hour later, she decided to return to her original nest outside, complete with NO eggs!!! We brought her back in, by which time the chicken in the photo (our Brahma cross), had taken up residence and so now we have TWO birds incubating twelve turkey eggs. Last time we looked, Victoria seemed not to have many under her but as the Brahma cross gives a VERY viscous peck if you get too close, we decided NOT to check her.
Relaxed At Home
ALL our broodies (except for QBP) are now in the main poultry area in various nest boxes as today we reclaimed the smaller stall for a wood store. It caused a bit of a stir when it came to bedtime as a few birds had been sleeping in the smaller stall and so they had to find a place in the main stall that ‘matched’ their pecking order. It was all a tad noisy at first but soon settled.
In other news, our Dexter cows arrive on Thursday, Mike Ford Fencing start on the pole barns tomorrow and the goats are all walking MUCH better: whether the supplements we are giving are working or whether they are simply ‘getting better’ we don’t know but it is fab!!!