Monday 2nd January 2017

A catch up on our 'To Do' list
On 11th November last year we shared our 'To Do' list with you. This was the second time we had done this: our review of our first list, published on Saturday 17th September and checked on Wednesday 9th November, proved a delightful surprise as much of what was on the list had been achieved...
Scroll down to see how we have fared this time!!
(The photo by the way was taken this afternoon. It has been a fabulous day: sunny, crisp and still. The 4 acre field is doing really well and both sheep and alpacas are really enjoying being able to graze still!)
Relaxed at Home
Seven and a bit weeks later
  • Sort abattoir for lambs - DONE
  • Finish last faecal egg count checks of year, including fluke - DONE
  • Email Rachel at vets with cow tests and plan what they now need - DONE
  • Get cow crush into collecting area and all set up - DONE
  • Get hay racks up in collecting area field shelters - DONE
  • Sort rain collection in collecting area field shelters - DONE
  • Sort cows' field shelter including ‘mucking out’ system - DONE
  • Continue to sort barn store, setting up for winter management and lambing/kidding in the spring - In progress
  • Tidy ‘lean-to’ - DONE
  • Use scaffolding for goat climbing frame or ‘chuck’ - DONE - was actually used as part of our woodchip goat path
  • Sort water collection/ diversion from workshop/ potting shed roofs - DONE
  • Add reporting feature to Smallholding database - Still to do
  • Set up a fourth stall in barn once hay/straw reduced - No longer needed
  • Sort freezers ready for poultry/ lamb - DONE
  • Set up growing areas x2 in garden ready for the spring (plots already chosen) - In progress
  • Clean greenhouse - DONE
  • Prepare for arrival of fruit trees - DONE, fruit trees arrived and planted