Saturday 7th January 2017

The start of the poultry run!
This is the start of the extended run for our poultry – the scaffolding frames were not viable and so we have made use of the ever versatile sheep hurdle and some lengths of three by two. The idea is to cover the whole frame in scaffolding netting - with holes of just 2-3mm and enough strength to withstand ‘debris’ falling into it, it should be perfect. It will provide light and airflow but not allow our birds out nor wild birds in.
Relaxed at HomeRelaxed at Home
The only downside is that in theory poo from a wild bird flying over could fall though BUT due to the tight weave most will get stuck on top plus with a square metreage of just 15,we would have to be incredibly unlucky for the poo or saliva of a bird carrying Avian Flu to end up in our run. The netting is due to arrive on Tuesday, once we have fitted it we can then fill the run with woodchip and a mini pond for the ducks and then open the doors!!
As the picture shows, we are rather wet at the moment: today has in fact been a ‘Minions’ day – the kind of day we got a lot of back in Cornwall: misty, grey and damp. We strongly expect that had we opened the doors to the poultry stall, not many would have ventured out anyway. They were all more than happy to tuck into their corn and rake through the straw.
We have not been letting the poultry out at all for a while now as the confirmed cases of Avian Flu keep increasing. We talked it all through with our Rachel from Market Vets and she was more than happy with our set up, especially with the proposed run idea! Just seven and a bit weeks to go till February 28th and hopefully, a return to normality.