Friday 13th January 2017

Pepper and Pickle
Pepper is turning into a very good looking goat. He is filling out nicely and developing a real chunky look, as befits a ‘proper’ male Boer!! He is incredibly symmetrical (aside from the missing ear tag of course…) and has that lovely ‘always smiling’ face that all goats seem to share – one of the many reasons we love them!!
Relaxed at HomeRelaxed at Home
Pickle was in season today: she was bang on 21 days and as with Curds, Pepper did not run a mile!! He and Pickle were not so much lovey dovey though, it was more of a ‘fancy a head butting competition then?’ The success of this courtship lay in Pepper gracefully ‘allowing’ Pickle to win each time and then even more gracefully challenging her again!! We left them to it but as with Curds, are fairly sure no actual mating occurred!!
At supper time, it looked as though the novelty had worn off and so we returned Pickle to her stall with Curds. IF, she looks as though she might be in season still tomorrow, we will put them back together again, for a supervised visit and then see what occurs!!
So, it looks as though we shall only be having the pitter patter of two sets of goat kids this year. How we will manage the kidding and where all this leaves us for next year’s breeding programme, remains to be seen!!!