Friday 27th January 2017

We have a fatal flaw in our sheep and alpaca feeding regime: Lamorna has learnt how to access the alpaca feeding buckets. She is virtually garrotting herself in the process but not in any way that puts her off. She was taught by her brother Cadbury but he has now decided that he prefers the sheep pellets anyway so doesn’t bother any more!!!
Relaxed at HomeRelaxed at Home
Nutritionally, there are subtle differences between the two feeds but the main issue we have here is that Lamorna gorges on the alpacas feed (as she is not sharing it with anyone) and as such is running the risk of becoming overweight OR giving too much to her lamb (or lambs) which may mean THEY become too big (and so giving birth becomes problematic).
We need to move these buckets up a little higher but not so high they are hard for the alpacas to reach into – on the ‘to do list’ for the weekend! We have a row of three on the other side of the field shelter that Lamorna cannot reach (yet!!) so we will use those as our guide!!!
In other news Curds has NOT yet come into season – dare we think she might be pregnant? Tomorrow is day 21 so nothing is conclusive and even if she misses this season, she may not be pregnant or she may not carry the kids till full term. There is also the small matter of the fact that we had decided NOT to breed from her or if we did, to eat her kids due to the probable hereditary feet and joint issues! Mind you, that was BEFORE we realized that the supplements we began to use last October might be making a big difference….
All academic until we know what is happening so a thought process ‘to be filed’ for the moment!!!