Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Goat harmoney
Pebbles has settled in so well and we cannot quite believe we have only had her living with us for just over two weeks. She and Sorrel get on amazingly now with Sorrel only occasionally pushing her away and that is usually around feed times. Onion continues to be top goat but she and Pebbles will often share the same 'space' by eating from the same hay rack or laying down in the same stall. Onion will also still push her out of the way at times, and as with Sorrel, food is usually the significant factor but, being goats, there will always be a hierarchy and feed will always be a major part of that!
Relaxed at Home
The five of them continue to spend much of their time inside the barn as the weather is just so wet but they seem quite settled and having fresh hay in their racks and fresh straw on the floor, seems to keep them occupied. We have also given them some whole straw bales for jumping and laying down on, although eating them is proving a popular pastime too.
Somewhat scarily, in three ish weeks, Pebbles will be half way though her pregnancy (she is due 8th April). There is no real sign yet that she is pregnant but as 70% of the foetal growth occurs in the last 30% (6 weeks) of the gestation period, this is not a worry!!
More of a worry is the weather as Storm Eleanor is now hitting us, with wind, rain and hail, and all destined to last right the way through the night!