Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Storm Eleanor
Well Storm Eleanor certainly has made its mark. Last night was very wild and various items were re-arranged around the holding this morning. There was no damage just stuff being moved but the land is even wetter even though that doesn’t seem possible, and on the roads around us, there are various trees and branches down.
Relaxed at Home
The alpacas continue to be as mad as hatters because they stay out in all sorts and as Pluto is so admirably demonstrating, they look as mad as hatters too: wet and covered in hay and straw being the latest 'must have' look. They spend their nights inside the shelter (as judged by the huge amount of poo awaiting us each morning) but they go out during the days, no matter what the weather is throwing at them. Today has continued to be very wet and windy and all the smallholding chores seemed to take twice as long...