Sunday 14th January 2018

Goat antics!
Today was a gloriously sunny day and a case of the calm before the storm as rain is due to start at around midnight and not stop until sometime in the middle of the night on Tuesday... when it turns into snow. But today was lush and the goats headed out to a corner of the 3-acre where we have a ‘leaning’ tree overhanging the fence which is just ripe for eating. Pebbles was amazing as she reared up on her hind legs and managed to balance her feet on a couple of small branches. She was so tall like this, towering over Jack!! We do wonder about the summer and whether she will have times of just ‘popping’ over fences to get to the goodies the other side!!!
Relaxed at Home
They are a lovely group. Pebbles is now the go between as she and Onion seem to get on and she and Sorel definitely do. As for Coriander and Taragon, well they are just annoying teenagers now and we all do our best to ignore them… No, they are seriously sweet, they nibble coats and hair for a pastime but are always up for a cuddle!!!
Onion is starting to look pregnant already which is a bit crazy as she is only six weeks pregnant (out of 21) whilst Pebbles (over two weeks ahead, i.e. almost nine weeks pregnant) is looking as trim as ever!!! It’s the nature of the breeds as much as anything but then knowing 70% of the foetal growth takes place in the last six weeks, we are quite chilled with everything - for the moment!!