Saturday 20th January 2018

And here is the lovely Caraway, who is actually looking rather like her mum nowadays, mainly because of her sticky up fringe, just like Thyme’s behind her. Said fringe in fact was doing rather a good job of hiding two emerging horns which unfortunately had begun to grow a few weeks back, despite us thinking Caraway was naturally polled.
Relaxed at Home
You cannot see from the photo but, she is now back to being hornless because on Tuesday Rachel came over from Market Vets and dehorned her for us!! We aren’t majorly happy about having to dehorn any animal, we dehorned our very first goat kids eight years ago and have never done it since. Cows are a slightly different matter though as even Dexters, small cows that they are, can do quite a lot of damage to both us and their herd mates if they have horns. And of course none of the others have them.
Rachel gave Caraway a local anesthetic and then she snipped off the horn before cauterizing the wound. Caraway won’t have felt any pain but being contained in the crush and having ‘things’ done around her head, was not that comfortable for her and she did get rather stressed! But once it was all done and she was back with the others, she was fine!!! And we did tell her we were sorry!!!