Monday 29th January 2018

Queenie and bramble
A couple of weeks ago we mentioned Queenie and Bramble who have really ‘buddied up’ over the winter. They really are little and large. Bramble is showing more signs of her age now and does spend most of her time perching, only really coming down to eat, drink and poo, all of which she can do in the stables. Queenie ventures outside a bit more, especially if we get a bit of sunshine which we absolutely didn’t today!!!!
Relaxed at Home
Other relationships amongst the chickens tend to be a bit more fluid. Some birds such as Red, our Red Leghorn are loners whilst our Orpingtons (2 cockerels and 2 hens) tend to hang around together.
When it comes to the geese, ducks and turkeys however, they tend to always be in their species groups and invariably talking to each other too. We’ve had to put a few more gate mats down in the poultry paddock to combat the mud. The main issue is that wet mud is a mecca for the ducks who dabble and make it worse os the mats are as much about preserving the root structure of the grass as much as stopping muddy feet!
It will be dry again one day!!!