Wednesday 31st January 2018

Goat update
The goats have not been out for ages but despite being cooped up inside the barn (although they do have a lot of space), they are all getting on well and all seem to be thriving. Pebbles (pictured) and Sorrel seem to get on really, really well now, they have little play fights at times or just stand around next to each other, chilling. Pebbles and Onion on the other hand, show a mutual respect. Sorel is the one who moves out of the way when Onion passes through, Pebbles is less deferential! We are very very pleased.
Relaxed at Home
Sorrel’s weight and poo issues also seem resolved. She is still on her low grain diet and her ‘goat balancer’ supplement and certainly for the remainder of her pregnancy, we won’t change that. Her coat is really silky.
And then there are Coriander and Tarragon – still hooligans and still adorable. Tarragon’s lump is now totally gone thank goodness, although he wascompletely unperturbed by it.
LOVE our goats!!