Friday 23rd February 2018

The other side...
The grass is definitely no longer growing in the 4-acre field. It needs to be at least 5 degrees or above for it to continue to grow and we are no longer getting those temperatures now. The field is obviously still full of grass and the sheep and alpacas are still munching but with the recent frosts we have noticed that the alpacas have been doing a bit more browsing and in Jupiter’s case here, seeing if the grass is indeed greener the other side of the fence.
Relaxed at Home
Being used to the sparse plains of South America, alpacas have a very good food conversion rate, in that they can survive off LESS than a sheep because they are able to utilize more from the food they eat. In theory this might mean less poo, but looking at the current toilet areas in the 4-acre, we cannot honestly say this seems to be the case!