Saturday 24th March 2018

More vaccinations and trimming
Today we vaccinated the sheep. Back on the 15th we vaccinated Pebbles and mentioned the protection that the vaccine gives the against clostridial diseases. The sheep vaccine is similar but it also provides protection against Pasteurellosis which is a common disease in sheep and usually manifests itself as a type of pneumonia. Goats can suffer too but unfortunately the vaccine isn’t used for them as their system cannot cope with so many vaccines at once and giving it to them would actually be a waste of money.
Relaxed at Home
The sheep were a doddle to collect. We basically opened the gate to the barn area, in they all came and then we got them into the area in front of the cow gates. The cows were not impressed we were feeding the sheep and not them it has to be said!!
We took the opportunity to also trim the fibre from Pluto and Mars' eyes so they can see a bit better and also trim their toes. Surprisingly Mars was as good as gold and Pluto quite feisty. His older sister didn’t help though by being so over protective –at one point it was ‘eyes down’ (by us) just in case she spat!!! The boys looked so much better when we had finished although Mars’ eyelashes in particular were so long we almost trimmed those too!!!
(The photo is post-trim believe it or not...)