Saturday 9th June 2018

Pluto and Mars
We have been round the house lots of times when it comes to our alpaca plans but we have now decided that we are going to sell Pluto and Mars! A lot of animal selling decisions are taken with winter as the deciding factor! After the winter we have just had, we know that having our stock numbers as low as we can is really important. Right now having six alpacas as opposed to four is no problem but in the winter when we might need to get animals off the land and pay for hay and hard feed, it matters a lot. It makes sense to sell the boys now and so avoid the cost of having to castrate them plus in hanging on to Venus and Mercury, we are keeping our options open in case we do want to breed from them in the future. And we could never sell Neptune and Jupiter as they are our original two and we are very fond of them
Relaxed at Home
We will miss the two boys, especially Pluto as he was of course bottle fed so is quite tame but the alpacas are essentially not earning us any money and whilst their guard duties are crucial for us if we get a fox problem, at the moment we don't (touch wood) need their skills in that department and if nd when we ever do, four of thm will be enough to do the job!!.