Wednesday 15th August 2018

Bit of a shocker
Bit of a shocker: Spotty (OSB weaner number one) has been off his food a bit this last day or so! For a pig this is a very unusual and somewhat worrying state of affairs. We had this once before a few years ago with a couple of saddlebacks and whilst after 48 hours all was well again, we never understood what had caused the issue. This time, a similar timescale emerged in that this evening, both pigs happily tucked into their grub as usual.
Relaxed at Home
In the meantime though we had resorted to the universal veterinary consultation platform known as Facebook and established that a probable cause was too many apples. Between them they had been having a good dozen or so once or even twice a day and one of the respondees to my post (a long-standing pig keeper and a trainee vet to boot) suggested they may have started to ferment a bit inside the pig's stomach. I’d reported increased drinking and weeing which is a classic sign apparently!!
So, just as well the apples are no more. It's also rather interesting that Not-so-spotty was okay- obviously he can hold his drink better (ha ha!!)