Saturday 3rd November 2018

No more wobbling!
Our wobbly rhea are now virtually indistinguishable from our non wobbly rhea, which is a huge relief. We very much hope that we don't get any repeat performances and as they continue to grow, their legs get stronger and stronger. A couple of them don't have great poo at the moment mind you – tis definitely a tad too liquidy but we are looking into this (not literally!!!)
Relaxed at Home
This grey chap here is becoming massively tame and each morning now will follow Jack into the stables to check she is mucking out properly and to also have a go at pecking all those irresistible ‘extras’ on her coat: zips, flapping pockets, buttons etc. As he explores and checks he emits a low ‘contentment thrill’ which is rather a delight.
We are utterly enchanted with our rhea: they are so calm and un-confrontational - a little like alpacas really. Breeding them in 2020 is going to be massively exciting – and nerve wracking…thank goodness we have lots of time to research and think how best to do it!!