Thursday 15th November 2018

The price of pork!!
We collected our pork from the abattoir last Friday and now it is all frozen down, we spent an hour or so this afternoon sorting it into boxes to sell. We are, as ever, delighted with the look of it - not too fatty, good sized joints and we had great weights : 71.5kg and 71.3kg giving us 104kg of meat!! Our feeding regime is always the same: 1lb per day per month of age up to 4lbs at 4 months and then 4lb from then on!! Works every time!!
Relaxed at Home
We also worked out the costings this evening - all very scary - basically it has cost us £500 to raise these pigs: Feed: £153.25, Kill: £60.00, Butchery: £114.24, Sausages/ bacon: £24.00, Straw: £10.00, Haulier: £37.50 and Weaner cost: £100.00!! Our time is not a part of this!! If we therefore want to cover our costs we have worked out we need to sell 71kg of meat (8 boxes of between 8kg and 9kg) for £7/kilo. That will then give us 33kg of 'free' meat for ourselves. Not that it is free when we haven't counted our time and the cost of fencing, electrics, shelter etc… In our on-going questioning of our meat consumption, these costings are definitely adding to the debate - rather significantly!!!