Thursday 22nd November 2018

Back on the 23rd October, we wrote about our white rhea covering themselves with leaves, other debris and straw at night. Well, it turns out the grey ones do it too. Each night now, when we encourage our eight to go in (they would stay out if they could), we watch as two or more of them carefully cover their bodies with straw and, as a group, all then snuggle down together. With their heads bent down along their backs, they are perfectly camouflaged. For the white ones the camouflage must be an essential in the wild?? We assume they do it for this reason and not for warmth, or maybe a bit of both. Interestingly the front of the whites' necks are slightly grey so when they fold their necks back, it is the grey that is uppermost , so making them not as visible!!
Relaxed at Home
Even if we are a bit late putting them away they will have begun the process in the field using leaves and other debris laying around on the grass. The straw is a lot more effective mind you!!
All utterly fascinating!! There is so much to learn about these amazing creatures!!