Thursday 13th December 2018

Healthy rhea!
The rhea are all doing fabulously well. We have no signs of any wobbliness at all and judging by the daily 'rhea dances' we have the joy of watching, leg muscles and co-ordination are all really good.
They are now eating a mixture of ostrich layers and general poultry layers and we feel this suits them just fine.
Relaxed at Home
During the day they have the run of the top 3-acre paddock and at night we shut them in one half of the double goat shelter. It isn't fox proof although we feel they are now of a size where 'they' probably are, although we don't yet have the confidence to leave them to sleep outside… not yet! Besides which, when it rains (and we have a week of really bad weather coming up) they are daft enough to stay out in it, and if they did stay out all night as it poured down, we are not entirely sure that would be good for the health!!
Herding them in at night generally goes well, with a few notable exceptions… keeping calm is the key and not rushing them. Rhea really don't like to be rushed!!!