Thursday 3rd January 2019

Back out!!
Today something amazing happened: we let the cows back outside into the bottom 3-acre field. We took a walk around it at lunchtime and decided it was mainly dry enough for them not to do too much damage and that all in all they would enjoy being out far more than being in. We will hopefully save a little bit on hay too as they should eat the grass a bit plus saving an hour a day in mucking out duties is definitely something worth shouting about.
Relaxed at Home
We had the usual leaping and cavorting and jumping with joy as we opened the gate to the barn and they realized they had their freedom and in seconds they were down through the gate and doing their usual 'prerimter race', gallopping from coner to corner! It is a sight we never tire of.
It felt odd feeding the goats and turning out their lights tonight and not having the cows next door but sooo good to think that in the morning we won’t be carrying four to five truggs of cow poo up to the compost heap!!