Monday 7th January 2019

Fingers crossed for Garlic
Today Garlic had her post-mating injection to hopefully prevent any potential kid inside her developing. The idea is that the foetus is reabsorbed and that she will start cycling again.
Relaxed at Home
We now need to look out for any signs of her having a season and fingers crossed she will because either that will mean she never was pregnant in the first place or that the injection has done its job. If she never was pregnant, she should cycle 1-21 days ish after her last season on 27th Dec which is when Soldier mated with her. If however that mating WAS successful we need to reply on the injection stopping the pregnancy in which case her next cycle will be around 18-21 days from today.
It won’t necessarily be a total disaster if she has a kid BUT it will affect her growth in that she may never get to full size and she may have difficulty giving birth!! So, all in all, we'd rather she wasn't!!!