Thursday 10th January 2019

Mist and diamonds
Another cracking morning, a ground frost although enough for a covering of ice on the drinkers, and a captivating misty view in the valleys. Later on the sun came out and the grass then shone with zillions of diamonds as the frost began to melt and the white became a dazzling clear. Of course, all the cows were interested in was their hay, the goats their goat mix and the dogs, going for a walk.
Animals are very 'grounding'!!!
Relaxed at Home
And tomorrow we pick up two kittens!! No idea how it will all pan out with Nay (currently asleep on my arm as I type (correction, ‘try’ to type) – hopefully she will like them. She has already worked out there is cat food in the spare bedroom (the kittens’ home for their first few days…)!!!