Friday 11th January 2019

Salt and Pepper (almost)
So this is Salt, our rather seriously good looking new addition to the Relaxed menagerie. Salt was born on a farm to a feral mum and for the last few weeks (since mum decided she and her siblings were now 'all grown up and good to go') she has been fending for herself round the farmyard. Each day when the farm workers arrived with buckets of milk from the diary cows, Salt would appear and enjoy a drink. She fast became the tamest of the litter and it was decided she perhaps needed a 'home' as opposed to being left to become a true feral cat like her mother.
Relaxed at HomeRelaxed at HomeRelaxed at HomeRelaxed at Home
It was just our luck that we were looking at the time Salt was up for being sold. There was a brother, a black and white boy who naturally was going to be called Pepper but he had other ideas about being put in a box with his sister and sent to live somewhere else. So he is still on the farm. BUT, in a remarkable feat of wonderful luck and coincidence, another black kitten has appeared on the radar and it looks as though we will be getting a Pepper after all. This Pepper is a girl which is fine, Pepper is pretty gender neutral thankfully!!
Despite being the tamest of her litter, Salt is a little nervous round humans still and she has spent much of her first day with us hiding behind cupboards and under the bed. She has eaten a little bit of food and enjoyed a slurp or two of milk as well as several cuddles. We have yet to introduce her to Nay and the dogs – that delight needs to go on hold for another day or so we think. She’s a cutie: we are rather smitten already!!