Sunday 13th January 2019

Everything you want.. in a compost heap!
Row and her brood of eight basically live in the compost heap. The pickings to be had literally keep them merrily occupied for hours each day. Of course, they are not alone, most of the other birds spend time there too, raking through and finding all sorts to eat as well as dustbathing and even at times, sunbathing.
Relaxed at Home
This is actually incredibly good for the heaps because it aerates them a little as well as turning over the tops which often get too dry in the wind especially with all the straw that ours contain. The birds are also adding to the heaps with their poo and wee. Some 'farmers' actually use this system to speed up compost making by housing birds totally in areas where they have 'muck' rotting. Clever marketing then means eggs and quality compost both get sold.
We do use the compost from this heap for our own growing: David recently collected a load to top up all our raised beds ready to receive plants in a couple of months time.
It's proper smallholding: even the waste is useful!!!