Monday 14th January 2019

Pepper joins Salt!
And so here is Pepper. Pepper's start in life was very similar to that of Salt's: she was also born on a farm but, from the beginning, her litter had much more contact with humans and consequently, she is a whole lot more confident and friendly. In fact, she has already wrapped herself round Jack's legs, almost tripped her up three times and thoroughly bemused Salt by chasing an empty loo roll round the spare bedroom (their current home..).
Relaxed at HomeRelaxed at HomeRelaxed at HomeRelaxed at Home
Salt on the other hand, is deeply suspicious of Pepper and has retreated to the shower room to watch from a distance.
Amazingly, despite being 2 months apart in age, the kitten are of a similar size and weight. Salt won't have had the same level of nutrition as Pepper or as much human nuturing and this will have affected her growth. It will be interesting now whether the two of them grow at similar rates and what the size difference will be, if any, as adults.
It is fabulous to have them both now, hopefully they will bond quite soon and in due course Nay will start to accept them too.