Friday 18th January 2019

Sheep numbers
The sheep all seem to be in good health and plodding along nicely. We give them a sprinkling of hard feed once a day and of course 24/7 access to hay,and whilst the quality won’t be great, they are still eating a fair amount of grass still. All of them seem to be in great condition and neither under and over weight on this diet.
Relaxed at Home
Mr Brown is sort of behaving himself still. Rams can get aggressive or over familiar with their human owners and the first Shetland ram we had two years ago, certainly over stepped the mark. We are not sure whether we will keep Mr Brown – it partly depends on his behaviour and partly on whether we will still keep all six ewes. And ‘that’ will depend on how well lambing goes and how easily we sell all the lambs we want to. It was hard to sell stock last year and with our ever decreasing consumption of meat, we don’t want to keep stocking up the freezers either.