Saturday 19th January 2019

Goose cuddles!!!
Rather a crazy thing happened today. Jack was taking pictures in the poultry area (crouching down to do so) when Sylvester crawled into her lap. This shot was taken just seconds before as he finished having a bit of a wash in the puddles and wandered over to her. It was a bit of a muddy encounter as you can imagine but when a goose is sat in your lap with his neck and head wrapped around your shoulder, a bit of mud is not really an issue.
Relaxed at Home
How extraordinary!! Sylvester was affectionate as a gosling and he and the two girls, Gloria and Guinevere, would often snuggle up to each other and us, if we sat down with them. I guess we haven’t given them as many opportunities to get up close and personal recently, with it being winter and all.
How special to be loved by a goose: this smallholding lark really is a humbling experience at times…