Thursday 24th January 2019

Wet land
Our decision to bring the cows in needs to be made soon! Today has been vey wet and the entrance to their field shelter is now very muddy. We know how well land recovers and the bottom 3-acre where the cows are, will have the most time to recover in the spring as it is the last field we start to use, but... the more damaged it gets, the longer the recovery and the greater the risk that some grass won’t actually survive all the trampling.
Relaxed at Home
The poultry area is also suffering now and we need to think somewhat creatively about how to deal with the area immediately by the pig arc which is unfortunatley rather a swamp and getting bigger. It is essentially the area where the run off from the rest of our land ends up and no matter what we do to minimize the effect, we will never get it completely dry.
We have a vague idea that involves the use of the old wood from the 'lean-to' and various no-longer-fit-for-purpose fence posts plus a load of willows... Watch this space