Tuesday 29th January 2019

Since coming home last Wednesday, Salt has been very up and down but sadly the overall trend has been down. The two main concerns are her breathing which has returned to being rather labored and her appetite which has once again, become almost non-existent. She has lost weight and her activity level is very low indeed. She has had aniti-biotics, dueretics, special high calorific food and now she is on a course of steroids which sadly, is almost definitely the last option available to us now. She is just too little and poorly to cope with any more investigations and the likelihood actually is that her lungs are just now too damaged to repair.
Relaxed at Home
Her appetite was definitely stimulated just a few hours after her first steroid injection and she fair packed the food away earlier this evening 'and' her breathing became slower and easier too BUT, we need both of these to continue once the course of steroids has stopped. The vet (in this case Richard as Kate was not available) is not hopeful but we will have to see what she is like in the morning.