Thursday 7th March 2019

Ruffled feathers
As well as this month being a lot wetter so far, it is also a lot windier. The rhea are funny how they put up with the wind. They come up to their shelter to eat and then head back OUT into the wind to hunker down. They are currently favouring the area just at the bottom of the poultry fencing. The goats love that spot too, although not just now as goats of course don't 'do' wet weather and so they stay hunkered down in the barn. At the end of the day though, the rhea aren't daft and they have chosen the most sheltered spot in the field.
Relaxed at Home
We think their reluctance to use the shelter is because they are prey animals and wouldn't easily be able to escape from the shelter if they had to. We sincerely hope they would never have to try!!