Friday 19th April 2019

Rhea and their poo
We moved the rhea to the bottom 3-acre today – it will be their first time in this field and possibly the one that will suit them best as it is the most sloping – so good for continuing to develop their leg muscles – and it also has a wider variety of plant life. Meanwhile back in the bottom 2-acre, where they have been for the last few weeks, we ran our newly acquired harrow over the land in order to disperse the rather huge amount of poo left behind.
Relaxed at Home
Rhea poo a lot!! And it is quite fibrous so doesn't rot down as quickly as ruminant poo. The harrow broke a lot of it up which should now help!
After the cold of last week, this week has steadily got warmer and warmer and that, allong with the rain forecast for next week, should make all our fields have a bit of a growth spurt!! We do hope so.