Monday 17th June 2019

Coats off, it must be summer
Very happy with our shearing, We used Sara and Nathan (first used 2 years ago) and they did a great job, leaving us with smart looking animals and some great fleeces. Seeing the sheep and alpacas with their coats off always gives us a great opportunity to really look at body conditions and on the whole, all of them were in great shape,
Relaxed at Home
Once all was done and the lambs had worked out whose mum was whose again, we opened up the bottom 3-acre and watched them rush in to start feasting on all that long grass. We had since moved the rhea up where they now join the geese (and soon, the cows) in helping to clean up the pasture after the sheep and goats had been in there.
This does mean that the alpacas are now off fox-duty!! Gulp, we hope this is okay!!!