Thursday 18th July 2019

Moving around - again!!
The geese are now sharing with the cows, sheep and alpacas, whilst the rhea have the bottom 3-acre all to themselves. We would prefer the geese to be with the rhea still but even though there are currently 14 of them, we would be a bit too worried about foxes if they were in the bottom field - it just feels too far from the house!! It's a bit 'odd' to think they are safer at the top, would a fox be worried about being closer to the house – probably not!! But for us, the psychology of this 'too far from the house' is very real!! Of course with the alpacas in with them, the geese are hopefully safe anyway...
Relaxed at Home
We have not (fingers and everything else crossed) seen sight nor sound of a fox since our daytime attack back in April although our Red Leghorn cross disappeared over a week ago which is a bit worrying. One of Hedgerow Broody's daughters also vanished on Sunday but we have seen her since then on a couple of occasions during the day, leading us to strongly suspect she is on eggs somewhere in the hedge and just appearing for a drink and some food.... like mother like daughter!!!