Monday 12th August 2019

Moving and selling
Another move today as we swapped the goats and geese/rhea around. The goats are now back in the top 3-acre where hopefully, due to recent cow, geese and rhea grazing, the number of intestinal worms ‘may’ be reduced. The geese and rhea are now in the near 2-acre where the grass is pretty lush still (due to the goats not keeping up with it at all).
Relaxed at Home
The goats seemed mightily chuffed to be back and the kids immediately began to run and jump all over the play station, whilst ‘mums’ headed for the new hay in the outside goat rack. We must say, it is going to be lovely to see them all from the house again (whilst missing the rhea and geese..).
In other good news, we sold Onion’s twins today, Pine and Peacan. They will be heading off in a week or so to be pals with a recently bereaved Shetland pony!! So, just two left to sell: Peanut and Cashew!! Couldn’t be more pleased with our goat sales this year: we’ve sold to three cracking families with amazing animal-orientated children. Feel very lucky!!