Saturday 17th August 2019

Health niggles
After yesterday, today has been divine: sunshine and light winds that have dried everything off!!
Sadly though, we seem to have a few niggly issues of ill-health amongst the stock. Sylvester (goose) has a swollen neck, Sorrel a touch of mastitis (poor thing) and we have a turkey poult that looks as though s/he has been pecked and so now had a sore eye. Oh, and the latest FEC results came back with a low worm count for the goat kids (horray) but a high coccidia count. Coccidia can damage the intestines of the goat, in the same way that roundworm infestations can damage the rumen. Coccidiosis often induces diarrhea in kids but ours have perfect pelleted poo!!!
Relaxed at Home
Nonetheless, the kids need treating to break the cycle and stop all the coccidia cysts being expelled, ready to infect other animals who may pick them up (next year’s lambs for example).
Thank goodness for anti-biotics, drenches and the amazing support of our vets!!!