Friday 20th September 2019

Alpacas on guard... again!!
Napoloena was fine this morning, her wound was healing and she was up and about, We are so so pleased. And this evening, we ushered the alpacas into the poultry paddock so they could play at being guards as dusk fell. They are amazing, because as soon as we opened the gate to the poultry paddock, they trotted right up and in, obviously knowing what was expected... thank goodness we have them.
Relaxed at Home
We also caught Napoeona nursing an egg at the bottom of the paddock in a makeshift nest – this at least explains why she was so easily caught last night, she was obviously still on the nest at dusk as her broodiness began to kick in... Without a current male though, the eggs won't be fertile, which in some ways is a shame.