Sunday 22nd September 2019

A fabulous sale!
We seem to be getting worse each year at advertising our stock for sale – I guess we enjoy having them too much ourselves, but yesterday, we realised we really did need to part with some of our lambs – we cannot keep them all. Facebook is not so easy to advertise stock on nowadays but in having our own sales website and a Facebook business page, we managed to get some ads up on various groups that Facebook didn't deem outside their 'community standards'.
The most amazing thing was that within 24 hours of the ads going live, not only had we had a couple of enquires, but no less than four lambs were sold, picked up and we had the photos of them in their new home!!
Relaxed at Home
All our pure Shetland girls are thus now living with Chrissie and Phil and we couldn't be more pleased – and as Chrissie has joined Celebrating Smallholding UK, we should hopefully hear all about them as they settle over the winter and next year go to the ram.