Sunday 3rd November 2019

Digging trenches
We could not believe how the day began: blue skies and sunshine and a stillness that felt luxuriously calm after yesterday. The morning rounds were so lovely although the land is still massively wet and so depiste the sunshine we were very glad the cows were in.
Yesterday's sheep trench has already made a massive difference to the field shelter which is staying so much drier under the mats (and so not leaking upwards through them) and so today we tackled the goat path which due to the decomposition of the woodchip, is also holding too much water. The slabs we laid there a few weeks ago are great but we need more 'and' we need to try to get the whole path to drain better so water doesn't come up over the slabs when we walk on them. Hence the digging and pipe laying in the photo below. Fingers crossed it is as successful as the sheep solution.
Relaxed at Home
Relaxed at HomeRelaxed at Home