Wednesday 6th November 2019

Poorly but on the mend
Yesterday we had a poorly calf who today was thankfully showing signs of improvement. It is Peppermint who basically had runny poo and very little appetite. We have never had a 'poorly' cow before so it all felt very new and a tad scary.
Relaxed at Home
Graeme from Torch Vets came out and having decided chest, lungs, mouth and nose were okay (so not respiratory) he also dismissed any digestive causes (including worms). Her temperature was 40.7 though, so high, and thus a Metacam and an AB injection were the sensible way forward. Cause is still unknown mind you!!!
This morning she was brighter and this afternoon brighter still.
It was also rather nice when Graeme was here that one of our grey males boomed for him…. (total show off...)