Wednesday 13th November 2019

Soldier Boy
The adorable Soldier (a Boer) on loan from Jacqui Pateman-Jones and whom within 24 hours had charmed two of his wives with his delicious 'allure'!
We are possibly examples of those weird people who don't mind the smell of the billy goat (although we are not quite so keen on the whole covering themselves in urine bit). But Onion (not pictured) and Garlic are very happy!
We are so exited about seeing how Garlic's kids turn out - she is the result of pure Boer mum (Onion) and a brown Anglo Nubian dad (the wonderful Carlos as owned by Joyce Greenslade and sadly no longer with us). Will her young revert to Boer colours and markings or will they have some of mum's black?? According to a freind, once the colour black is in your erd, it will stay, even if it pops up just occassionally!!
Roll on April kidding!!!
Relaxed at Home