Thursday 9th January 2020

A wobbly alpaca
We've owned alpacas for just 6 years and in that time have only had the vet out for them three times, the third time being today. We found Jupiter unable to stand this afternoon. He was lying quite awkwardly with his legs slightly spayed, soaking wet (it was peeing it down) in the middle of the field and very very reluctant to get up. A quick check found the pads on the underside of both his front hooves swollen and spongy to touch and on his back right, a nail was quite badly torn. As we waited for the vet to arrive, we managed to cajole him into getting up and then wobbling his way into the nearest field shelter. He wasn't limping as such but obviously not happy to walk.
Swollen pads was a new one for us! The vet (who was amazing) thinks he has an infection in the toe with the torn nail, which has also inflamed his other feet. Is the wet to blame we wonder? Alpacas can get scald apparently but this isn't scald. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the ABs (Alamycin) and pain relief (Metacam), along with a sneaky treat of a handful of goat mix (all animals love anything with molasses 😅) will start to make him feel a bit better.
Roll on dry, sunny, spring weather....
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