Saturday 25th January 2020

Poor Jupiter
Jupiter is very wobbly again and so we have brought him and the others back inside. There is nothing obviously wrong with his feet still, they are a bit puffy perhaps but this morning he could barely stand on either his front or his back left legs. In fact we strongly suspect he had been lying down all night as it took us ages to get him to stand up and when he did, he could hardly control his left side at all.
A call to the vet (luckily it was Adam again) resulted in us giving him more ABs and pain relief as well as a steroid and vitamin injection. Poor Jupiter, FOUR jabs and three of them intra-muscular!! Adam thinks he may have some nerve damage now so we will keep him in until we feel he is a bit stronger. The others will stay with him as they get very stressed being apart but of course none of them are happy at having at being inside so we do hope it won't be for long!!!
(pic is from end Nov)
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