Monday 2nd March 2020

The worries we had about the vet visit were allayed as the goats behaved as well as goats do, taking their bloods was fine and Graeme reassured us about Pebble's weight and declared her to be in okay condition. He also saw an improvement in Jupiter. Sadly though we did receive some bad news. We had also asked Graeme to scan Onion and Garlic as we had started to suspect Garlic may not be pregnant. Our suspicions turned out to be correct. We are pretty sure it is our fault in that when Soldier visited back in November, Garlic was half way through her season and as such, not as receptive as she should have been to being impregnated. We then took Soldier home before her next season, and whilst we saw no signs of her returning, it seems as though she hadn't caught that first time either. Ironic that last year when she too young to become pregnant, Soldier had his wicked way and we had to then give her an injection to STOP any kids developing!!
Lesson learnt!! (And a first for us in ten years so we cannot really complain).
So just Onion to kid, but then excitement now for the autumn when hopefully we will manage to get Garlic to be served properly!!!
Relaxed at Home