Wednesday 4th March 2020

An amorous Napoloeon
Although today's rain (lots of it) made Napoleon 'not' look his finest, we have to commend him on his choice of 'courting' venue - mating with the ladies on the concrete outside their stables was definitley preferable to the grass/ mud he choose a few days ago when he was wooing our young Harvey Speckled - both of them were speckled in the end - with mud!!! It was not a pretty sight!!!
We were once told that once the stag starts mating, eggs from the females can be expected three weeks later - not sure we have ever had this work so precisely, but certainly his attentions do encourage laying to start so fingers crossed for turkey eggs by the end of the month.
And in other good poultry news, we candled our second set of 4 goose eggs today and again all 4 look fertile. We checked the 1st lot again too (due on 18th) and the movement inside them was just wild!!! We just love our broody chickens!!
Relaxed at Home