Thursday 5th March 2020

Keeping off the land
We chatted to one of our farming neighbours today who is in despair at the state of his land. He is feeding his ewes 'and' lambs because the ground is just so wet and the grass so poor and every day when he comes out to feed them, he leaves really awful muddy tracks across his fields. He said how wise we were keeping our animals off our land. We do walk the dogs round the fields evey day and we just cannot believe we will ever be dry!!
We are so lucky to have the barn - and sad though it is to admit it, we are relieved we don't have the cows anymore!!! The sheep and alpacas have a great space in the old cow barn and keeping them inside in this space doesn't feel as bad as if they were in one of the smaller field shelters with less light!!!
Relaxed at Home