Thursday 12th March 2020

First carding!!
Oh my, look what arrived in the post today.... the result of a closely fought and nerve wracking auction on ebay.. this is a David Barnett Drum Carder and we (mainly Jack) is beyond excited to get going with our Badgerface and Shetland fleeces. All the fault of Lisa V Hutchins and also Jennie Kerwin, whose husband Dave made us a peg loom and who booked Jack a place on Lisa's wool course a few weekends ago. Tonight, we produced our first batt!! It was amazing to do so: the machine was so easy to use.
For those that know Jack, the idea that she will be sitting down getting creative is quite an extraordinary concept. (Won't necessarily be any good at it but she is sooo going to enjoy trying.)
Relaxed at HomeRelaxed at Home