Tuesday 17th March 2020

Opening up the light
Today Mike Gibson came and took down three huge fir trees in our garden that had become just way too big. The pluses of this action are huge: we now have a great view from the bathroom towards Kings Nympton and Exmoor; the shrubs undeneath the trees now may have a chnace to grow properly; our Magnolia tree will no lomger be so one sided; the path outside the utility room is now bigger and lighter AND the best of all, the goats now have a fabulous set of logs to chew and play on that ultimately will then become firewood for our wood burner.
All in all, a great result.
And today we got a bit more fencing done in the Pig Plot Growing Area and some more slabs laid in the Poultry area.
Sadly coronavirus is slowly grinding the country to a halt so it's just as well as we have so much to do here because self isolation is now becoming a social norm!!!
Relaxed at HomeRelaxed at Home