Thursday 26th March 2020

Don't want to get too excited but it maybe, just maybe that Margo is finally thinking of sitting on her eggs. She hasn't laid any new ones for a couple of days and is spending more and more time on the actual nest itself. There are 13 eggs in there and we could add another 7 from the other two nests. We are keeping everything crossed.
AND in even more amazing news: we candled the goose eggs in the incubator tonight, not quite all of them, 31 out of the 43 and rather wonderfully, a whopping 26 seemed fertile. We are astounded as some of the eggs were a good 4 weeks old... We have a long way to go mind you, they all now need to carry on growing, pip and hatch and then survive. If we end up with half of our 43 eggs as live goslings we will have done really well...
Relaxed at Home